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Hostage Calm were the first band that kind of made me feel like I was kind of a part of something. Like, I was very much into Crime In Stereo, but I felt an outsider in a way. CiS were kind of there own established thing, and going to see them felt like I was left out of something that everyone was already well aware of. Maybe it was my own community where I live, but I feel like there was a magic that I missed out on.

I saw Hostage Calm for the first time opening for Crime In Stereo and really, REALLY liked what I heard, so I made an effort to really keep up with them. Whenever I saw them I really felt a good sense of belonging. Maybe it was because I was going to shows more often, maybe it was something else, but those feelings were still there.

I’ve traveled far and wide across the tri-state area to see them, and because of them, I’ve met several amazing friends because of these travels. Hell, I even opened the doors of my house to Hostage Calm when they needed a place to stay. 

Suffice to stay, this band left an everlasting impact on me that I won’t forget anytime soon. The right band at the right time in my life.

"And may good fortune follow us into the fire"

"I'm Really Feeling It (TAK YON)"
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Wallpapers I made because I’m an idiot.

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yo shoutouts to incompetent professors 

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Smash has helped me achieve my dream.

Hi, I am a student learning C++ in an online class and I am just about at the end of my rope.

My teacher (who is not the most informative of people) gave us an assignment that was way outside of the skill level of someone in their third week of learning C++. Because of this, I have been pulling my hair out for the past hour trying to do this assignment. If anyone at all could message me to help me out and give me some pointers, it would be most appreciated. I apologize in advance for my slight ineptitude.

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Everything I love is in this gif.

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Everything I love is in this gif.
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One time this happened.

One time this happened.